buntain simpson

my names magda and im a dumbass


My name is Pitt, and your ass ain’t talking your way outta this shit.


did you just say the n word?

white person:


  • iphone: [autocorrects i to I]
  • me: chill


[gabriella montez voice] you’re crazy wildcat

  • *watching a preview*
  • me: wow this looks like a good movie! I wanna see it
  • *directed by Woody Allen*
  • me:
  • me: my momma said I gotta be home right now immediately

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once you’ve heard Everytime We Touch by Cascada , you never forget it

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Twin Peaks, David Lynch, 1990-2013, series (screenshot)


Twin Peaks, David Lynch, 1990-2013, series (screenshot)

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i will always assume indirects are about me. you could make a post/tweet like “ugh i hate that you raised me this way” and i’d be like i’m sorry i shouldn’t have done that

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i keep my phone on at all times just in case nev and max calls because someone done used my selfies

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me filling out a job application


previous employment: pop glam, glamm magazine, metropolitan magazine

references: kim kardashian